About Me

Hi there!

I’m Christina

 I am a Life & Success Coach from my beautiful home outside of Redmond, Oregon, helping horsewomen build the mindset of a champion + unshakeable confidence in and out of the saddle so they can achieve the success they deserve. 

I’m a crazy horse girl, a not-so-closet cat lady, definitely count fajitas as a required food group to be eaten at least weekly, and believe that no matter where you are in life, you’re never too far down a path to change your life and reach your goals

I’ve been a horse girl for my entire life.  I lived and breathed horses, showing, and rodeoing every minute of everyday from before I could walk through my college career where I worked at a breeding facility that was on the forefront of embryo transfer in horses.  My life was every horse girl’s dream, or at least the life I’d always dreamed of.  

But after a lengthy and scary struggle with health issues straight out of college, 2 unneeded surgeries, and seeing 15 specialists, I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune & hypothyroid disease. In the meantime, I’d let those health issues get in my head.  And my new “identity” was these health issues and my new outlook was that life was against me. 

Everything kept going wrong in my life no matter how hard I tried.   First it was my health issues.  Then it was having to sell my good mare to move for a new job that I hated.  Then more bills for my health issues and relationship problems with my long time boyfriend.  Then my mare and her new foal spent two weeks in the ICU at the vet’s office fighting for their lives to the tune of $25,000.  Every time I tried to show I’d make some mistake that would take us out of the money even though I knew my horse was capable of beating everyone in our classes.  My kitty died of very sudden cancer and another needed his eye removed due to cancer. Every time I felt like I was starting to get my head above water, something in life would push me back under.  I was convinced, my life was destined to be a string of bad things and I was a failure. 

One day I decided I was fed up with the place I had gotten to.  After trying to show my gelding again and beating myself before we even got in the show pen, I was ready to give up.  I was embarrassed and frustrated with myself.  One day, in the depths of my despair, a Facebook ad showed up in my feed that changed my life.  I had an epiphany and realized that the only thing holding me back in life, was myself.  So instead of giving up, I put all of my focus into figuring out how to be my best working with what I had… health issues and all! I researched and Googled and followed people who studied how your brain works and how you can make your brain work for you instead of against you.  I learned how to change my perspective about the things that were happening in my life and see failures as opportunities. 

After spending thousands of dollars and almost self-helping myself into needing help, I finally found the missing pieces to the path to the happy, healthy, and successful life I deserved but couldn’t seem to find.  I finally found my true identity, changed my limiting beliefs, conquered my fears and my anxiety and finally jumped back on the road to my dreams and success in the horse world and in life.  Life stopped feeling like it was against me.

I know what it feels like when you are what is holding yourself back without even realizing it.  It is the most frustrating feeling in the world to feel like everything keeps going wrong in your life.  I remembered how lonely it felt feeling like I was never going to be good enough and feeling like it was pointless to have dreams because I had to keep starting those dreams over.  I found that I had a knack for helping bring out the best in others going through the same thing.  Whether they were struggling with confidence or figuring out what was holding them back, I was able to walk others through the techniques I had used myself, and hold them accountable.  It makes me so happy to help others get out of their own way and make huge strides towards their dreams. So I went through the certification to become a life coach and began building my program!

With my signature frameworks and industry-leading expertise, my clients master their mindset, master goal achievement, build unshakeable confidence in themselves, and banish their limiting beliefs and fears for good.